Building a Dementia Friendly Community Together!

With the increase in Singapore's ageing population comes an increase in the number of persons with dementia. In fact, an alarming one in ten seniors aged 60 years and above are expected to have dementia. One symptom of dementia is the chance of becoming disoriented for various reasons, even in familiar places. This might result in these persons being unable to find their way home, or walking about for extended periods of time without necessary medicine, food, water and rest.

To create a more caring and inclusive society to support persons with dementia and their families, the Dementia-Friendly Singapore initiative was launched by the Ministry of Health and supported by the Agency for Integrated Care and the community partners. In a Dementia-Friendly Community (DFC), persons with dementia and their families will feel respected, valued, and are able to continue leading independent lives at home and in the community.
  • People are aware of dementia and its signs, and understand how to better support persons with dementia and their caregivers
  • Businesses and service staff are respectful and helpful towards persons with dementia
  • Environments are safe and easy for persons with dementia to navigate and continue with activities and routines that they enjoy
  • Resources are readily available in the community to increase public’s dementia awareness and provide better support for those with need

Currently, we have 6 DFCs in Yishun, Hong Kah North, Macpherson, Bedok, Fengshan and Queenstown.

You can play a part to support persons with dementia and their families!

With more DFCs formed, we want to build networks of Dementia Friends who are volunteers familiar with signs and symptoms of dementia who can keep a look out for persons with dementia and extend a helping hand when needed. If you would like to play a part, join us as a Dementia Friend today!

If you need information or support, you may email careinmind@aic.sg or contact us at Singapore Silver Line 1800-650-6060.

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