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HAPPY Everyday AGE WELL Everyday! 天天快乐,天天康龄
Start Date: 05 Aug 2020 (Wed) 10:00 AM
End Date: 21 Oct 2020 (Wed) 11:00 AM
Venue: Online: ZOOM 应用ZOOM程疗进行
Participation Fee: Free
HAPPY (Healthy Aging Promotion Programme for You) Exercise is a preventative set of exercises that engages your mind and body at the same time! AGE-WELL is a holistic, structured program that comprises of Health Education, Mindfulness Practice, Art & Music Reminiscence, and Horticultural Therapy! 快乐运动 (活跃乐龄促进计划)是一组预防性的运动,可同时活跃您的身心! 天天康龄课程包括健康教育,正念练习,艺术与音乐怀旧和园艺疗法!

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